They are making the difference in me - Staci Schmidt

Hello everyone! So let the awesomeness continue! So let me start off with the cutest thing ever! so one of the boys, either Rahul or Chirag, comes up to me yesterday and says “High five, bones, friendship!” with his hand out in like a hand shake and it totally melted my heart! Then today at the YMAD house Priya was talking to me and was like “friends, best friends?” I said yes of course and she was “YEAH”! They just melt my heart! 


Today in our school I was teaching the kids months and days of the week so I had these papers that had the words on them and I would set them down in a circle and I went around once with them saying all the words then I would step in the middle and have them keep running around. After a little time of them running I would yell stop and they would have to tell me the word they were standing on and they are seriously the cutest thing ever watching them run around crazy and so excited to learn at the same time! i love being able to watch these kids start my class not knowing anything that I’m teaching then by the end they are able to tell me everything and actually understand it at the same time! they truly amaze me! It’s hard thinking that i only have two more days with these kids that I love so much! But I’m so thankful that i have these kids in my life and that they will always be in my heart! they have taught me so much without even trying and I wish with everything I have that I could make half the difference in their lives that they are making in mine!! 


But that is all for now. I won’t blog anymore but when i get home (sad) I will tell you so much more! I love you all! I hope you are all safe and had the best Thanksgiving! Until i see you again! Love you with my whole being!!

(PS mom! The day I get home we are going to Hirer’s to get me the best burger around!!)


Staci Schmidt