More Grateful Than Ever - Maryjane Cox

Hey fam I’m just here in India and more grateful than ever.   I’ve found that sometimes you’ve got to take things away to really gain an appreciation for them.  So in honor of yesterday being Thanksgiving here’s a few things I am especially grateful for right now.  My family and friends, my bed, my shower, hamburgers and fries and doctor pepper, and really good smells like that candle from anthropologie I have in my room.  But I am especially grateful for the cute kids at my school (pictured are Vishal, Manikaran, and Diksha) they will have my heart forever.  For the YMAD girls, for all the people in my group that always keep me laughing and comfort me when I’m feeling down.  Most of all I am grateful for all the leaders, Allison is amazing and has been so good to me, so have Brooke, Tricia, Mike, Amy, and Rachael.  And Naomi has been my savior so don’t worry mom I am being taken care of.  

    Just got finishes with our week of teaching in the schools and let me tell you it was way harder and more rewarding the I could have ever imagined.  Whenever I am at the school all is well.  Some of the kids are hard, especially the first graders who just attack me and run out of the classroom, but most of the classes are so good about listening and when they remember what I teach them they give me a big smile then a high five, bones, shaki (I’ll explain later).  I love when I’m walking to my next class and just hear all the kids chanting my name then I walk in and they all stand up with their arm out and say “Good morning ma’am”.

At the beginning and end of the day we get to just play with the kids and they all swarm you and want to hold your hand and just love you, it’s the best thing.

    I’m grateful to say I survived this week.  I love you all.  To AnneMarie, Done and I’ll keep you posted.