Holy Cow: Jonah Feigleson

Holy Cow!


Sorry about the pun, I’m just trying to keep you current with what’s going down in India. The kids are still the cutest, craziest things ever. I did find a razor so I actually look presentable, the kids started putting their fingers above their lips and laughing when I’d teach. And I’m still covered in dirt, no matter how much I shower.

            Here’s a few funny stories before I talk about my day. Yesterday we went on a nature walk for my lesson, and during my one with the Drug Cartel (This thuggish but super cute group of second grade 6-year old boys that are super naughty and wild, but also my favorites. Rohit, Lalit, Aditya, Tushaar, and Vishal.) They were scattered all over this field and I was so tired and about ready to leave them, but I tried some nature game think, and right in the middle of it Rohit started peeing shamelessly, and he didn’t even turn around. It wasn’t that funny at the moment, but I’m laughing now.

            Today was a long, crazy day, but super worth it. We had curry-style scrambled eggs and those tortilla things (sooo good, if our cooks speak English I’m getting the recipe.) Everyone is getting sick right now, I’m feeling a little threatened, but I’ve got oils and good probiotics, so hopefully it won’t get to me. Thanks mom! I still have a bit of a cough, but it’s nothing painful, mostly just annoying.

            Today at the school I taught animals, which was pretty good because they were pretty familiar with the concept, so I think/hope some of the words stuck. (I learned how to say donkey in Hindi, “Gundah” I think.) We got to play pin the tail on the donkey, the kids loved it, but all of them are the biggest cheaters haha, so I had to hold their eyes shut. It was super cute though to see their little eyes peeking out from under the bandanna with their huge grins. Then we finger-painted (with markers) little animals, I swear all my lessons are so messy, I come home coated in a mixture of paint, ink, dirt, and child liquids (I don’t even ask what they are.) So you could say it was a little exhausting.

            After lunch my little friend Manoj brought out this drum and laid out some sick beats while the kids sang in Hindi, and we all danced. It was really fun and cool, I learned some great moves, but it got me tired and them riled up. By my last lesson, I just wanted to cuddle with the kids (who just happened to be the first graders, crazy bunch,) but I stuck it out. They know what a goat is now.

            This little girl Radhika has taken a liking to me. She’s adorable, we held hands ;) Lalit, my first homie is still as crazy as ever, his smile is permanently imprinted in my mind. Then there’s Keertan, who waits for us every morning and gives the best hugs. Priyanka, who makes me laugh when she says “Joan hi,” in her little voice. I love them all soooo much!

            So interesting bit, our money we fundraised is getting put to use in our school! We’re building a toilet for the boys since they don’t have a bathroom, putting tile in all of the bathrooms because they just have dirt floors, and are making a basin for them to wash hands in before they eat lunch. It’s kind of cool to see all the hard work I’ve put in for the last year be put to use, and giving these kids more comfortable lives!

            I’m pretty grateful for my Green Team, they super rock! Izzy, Caroline, Emery, Matt and Adam rock. Amy is the greatest substitute mom ever, I’m in great hands!

            I miss you fam! One day you should come visit India with me, I know you’d love it just like I do. There are dogs everywhere, I’m glad Teedo was born in the United States haha, he’d never know what beef is here. Well, til next time, I will be chilling in India.