After a long wonderful week: Naomi Allen

After a long wonderful week, the orange team has still got it going on!  Rachael Thorpe had the fifth class eating out of her hand today as she read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar “ to them, for the 400th time!! The awesome thing was…they were actually reading it to her!  It was so fun to hear them speaking the words she had been teaching them ALL week.  Way to make a difference Rachael!


Kate had all of her students excited about learning the names of the months and the days of the week.  She was especially impressive with the 1st class – who even though they are only 5 years old and there are only 4 of them, they have the reputation for being the trickiest to manage.


Yesterday Matthew did eye exams for all of the students in the SchooI – so he had the day off from teaching.  Today, it was like Christmas for his classes today.  The wooden train set that they played with after his transportation lesson was a BIG hit!.  AND there was all kinds of happy chatter in the AIR as the children played with it. 


Nate mixed things up in his Sports & Hobbies lesson today with lively games of Rooftop Soccer and Musical Hot Potato. The children responded well to his enthusiasm!  It is a big challenge keeping these youngsters in order, but Nate got the job done!!


Jono keeps lamenting that everyone else has more exciting activities in their lessons.  That may be true, but the kids LOVE him because everyday he does his best to keep them engaged and learning.  He can make ANY subject fun!  Speaking of Jono, two times now, we have had one of the school teachers push past all of the other YMAD kids so that she could get to Jono where she grabbed him by both cheeks, shakes his head from side to side, and then turns to the rest of us smiling and, in her Hindi accent, says “SO CUTE!”  -  Yes, Jono AND all of the rest of the YMAD kids, not to mention the children are ALL “SO CUTE”!