Good Timing Mother Nature (Second Title: Pilgrims and Indians) - Caroline Pinnock

Heyo everyone back home! Happy Thanksgiving! Good timing mother nature because today was such a good day to be grateful. I guess everyday has been the new best day ever but today was something special.

    I had a really hard lesson planned out for the kids today and I was sort of stressed out because yesterday the kids were really hard. Allison gave me a pep talk and I told myself that this would be my best lesson. After getting through my first class (we call them the “Drug Cartel”) I was feeling really good! It gave me some hope haha. The kids all were picking things up and that is the best feeling in the world. 

    Green Team is the best! I feel so lucky I have them. Amy is the best temporary mom. She looks out for all of us so well. Matt is the best at sliding in little comments that crack us all up. Adam can talk to anyone as if he were their best friend. Jonah and Izzy make us all feel like a family. Emery keeps our energy at a 5 always. This morning when we were starting class Jonah played a song on the ukulele that seemed to put all the kids in a trance for the rest of the day which may be a reason why the kids were so good. ——Shout out to Jono for trying to get in every one of my pictures—— 

    There are three kids that have wrapped their little hands around my heart: Irfan, Tarun, and Kushal. Irfan reminds me of one of the little boys in my neighborhood I babysit (Sammy Huishe) and he makes me laugh so hard. Tarun always has this no-teeth smile on his face and I can tell he just wants to learn… Oh and he also wears the cutest turban. Kushal wrote “I love Caroline” on his take-home craft and today when we said goodbye he wouldn’t let me out of our hug. As we walked away we kept saying “I love you” to each other. I don’t know how Im going to leave them. 

    We went to the Ymad house and I was so excited to see them all and especially Ganesha. Ever since our first time meeting them, I have been drawn to her. Once I got there I hugged her and we kinda just latched on to each other. I love her so much and really feel like we were meant to have each other. 

    Okay just to close out and giving that it is Thanksgiving, I want to say how grateful I am for India. I’m grateful for the 40 little kid’s hearts that I get to be with everyday. I am grateful for hard lessons and hard days because they make me love the good ones more. I am grateful for oatmeal, cameras, and fire. I am grateful for sleeping bags, hand sanitizer, and toilets. I am grateful for my family back at home and my YMAD family. I am so so so grateful for this experience! 


love you all,