Sam Budge

I’m going to miss the kids here so much. Anyway, India is amazing the kids are great and are seriously so happy always. The place itself is so cool and beautiful. The village I visit is so cool and the kids actually listen to what I'm saying unlike I thought would happen. They love to play duck duck goose and down by the banks and would seriously play that all day if it was possible for them. Everyday when we walk into the villages the kids come running to the car and give us so many flowers and they're so cool. The main day boarding school where we teach in the afternoon, the girls are obsessed with us. They love dancing and love the “american dancing” and think it's so funny. Today we played the boys in soccer and they killed us. Then of course we taught them how to play frisbee and we of course won. I love it here and I am going to miss them so much. Love you all happy thanksgiving.