Oops I Almost Forgot It’s Thanksgiving!: Thomas Justice

Oops I Almost Forgot It’s Thanksgiving!

By: Thomas Justice


            Hi everyone! (Hi Mom, Dad, Phoebe, and Lindsay) I hope you are all doing well and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m very jealous that you’re having turkey while I’m still eating curry! Anyway, going and teaching at the schools every day had taught me many things. The first being, it is impossible to control first graders. Even though the kids are rambunctious, they are so amazing. They always have smiles on their faces and are constantly wanting lots of hugs. They have shown me how to make the best of your circumstances, no matter the situation.

            This experience has been very humbling and has made me so grateful for what I have, the opportunities that I have, and the amazing family and friends that I have been blessed with. Going and serving the kids every day in my school has proven to me that, although this journey has been very hard, it has been well worth it.

            As I continue on with my experience in India, I am excited to keep helping the children here. Going to my school keeps getting better and better every day and getting to know the kids is so amazing. I am so excited to share more of my experiences with everyone when I get home!