Micaela Wilding

This is a little of my experience in India so far. With our flights we got onto one late Saturday night, but got off Monday morning. I was really confused because the hours didn’t add up and I was pretty tired. I realized I have a great choice in movies as well. I cried during both of the ones that I picked. The Singapore airportwas huge! It had a room filled with live butterflies. We also toured around a little during our layover. Tuesday morning was our first day of teaching. We were all ready to go, even after only a few hours of sleep. The ride to our village had us all on our seats. They don’t seem to have very many rules other than honking. They honk all the time to alert other cars and people to move as they go around a bend. Once we met the kids it was amazing. Some were so young you could barely communicate with them, yet they loved us anyway. They clung to our arms, and hugged and kissed us a ton. They were so welcoming. After teaching in the villages and main day boarding schools we had a welcoming celebration. They sang for us and included us in their welcoming ceremony.  Us girls went shopping together and we had a great time. Today I helped with eye exams in the village. Then we had the privilege to go on village tours where families brought us into their homes. There was one home where the mom was out farming rice, so the oldest daughter, about 13 prepared food for us, and hosted us. We found out she cooks all the time for her family. At the main day boarding school we had a lot of fun playing some games and dancing with the girls. I also learned they are amazing dancers. They heard a car radio and burst into a seemingly choreographed dance. It has been a great experience seeing the love of these people. Thank you so much for supporting me! I love you and hope you have Happy Thanksgiving