Made in India: Amy Knudson

Amy Knudson

Made in India



Another beautiful morning trail walk in the Himalayas with my Green-team = Dream team. We regroup each morning to talk about our day and what mysteries may happen for the day at special point overlooking the village of KohJ))))…  Matthew G., Emery, Caroline, Adam, Izzy and Jonah have become a huge part of my life.  I truly love  & respect each one of them and am amazed at the dedication and love they show to all the kids they teach. I can see them all attaching to the kids and each other. The team is now well bonded and the rides up into the mountainside to the Koh School with Sanjay (driver) and Nikita (translator) are something that will forever be engraved in my mind and heart.   We had a wonderful day at school today.  The special moment of the day was when Jonah sang a couple songs with his ukulele at the schoolJ.. tear jerkerJ! 

I have been reflecting on our amazing leaders the past day. I am so thankful for their examples and goodness.  

To Raj & Family… Thanks for always looking out for us and magically making things happenJ..  I love you

To Allison & Brooke….I want to thank your for your countless hours of love and dedication in making this all happen.  Simply amazing!!   I love you!

To my roomies…  Naomi and Rachael… our bed time talks and laughs priceless. I love you!!

To Tricia and Mike… You make me feel so loved and important… I love you!!

Wow have I scored some lifetime friends!... and have grown so muchJ…


Happy Thanksgiving to all back home!!  We are safe and happy here in Chamba.

To my kids, their spouses and family… I love you so much!!

Thanks to all you parents that have shared your kids with us!! They are loved!!

Feast out for usJ))