Isaac Schiel

I am having the greatest time right now. This place is amazing! It is so beautiful, the food is amazing, the culture is fascinating. India really is so dope. We played soccer today against the boys inside the village. It was a hard fought battle in which we ended up one goal short of a tie and drenched in sweat while all the boys laughed at us and celebrated their easy win. The girls are also amazing and teaching them has been such a great time. Some of the girls have spelt my name “Ijaek” which I too think is pretty dope. We mainly just mess around and party. I have danced more in the last couples of days then I have my whole of my life. Im so glad I’ve had the opportunity to come to West Bengal. The group is great, everyone gets along with each other and I love our girthly boys. To Henry though you are in the same country it feels as if we are worlds apart. Miss you big boi.