India Is Exactly What I Thought!- Sophie Neff

 For starters, Mom, I am safe and having so much fun! Wow…India is so amazing. the whole entire trip to India, I felt as if I were dreaming. I have gotten so many flowers from the village kids that I don't know what to do. I want to take them home and bring them to mom, or Kayla, but i am not allowed to bring plants on the planes. I will probably press some in my journal, so ask about those when I get home! Today in our village, we played a game of Futbul! It was pretty intense. My village team taught shorter lessons so we could go out and play. Also, Dr. Steve, Steve, Corey, and Jenny came to our village for the check ups, so that made me miss a group or two of teaching, which was fine because I was pretty tired. We only went on one house tour, but they had the most amazing food!! it was a fried thin chip bowl the size to fit in my palm, with spicy curry in it. So to the game! It was very hard to play against the village boys, but we tied in the end! Sam got our first goal, then Isaac scored our other two. Sabrina taught us how to play frisbee. It was girls vs. boys. the boys won that one. Duncan!! We saw three monkeys today in my village! I didn't have my camera, so I was not able to get pictures for you. I’m sorry! We purchased our sari fabric on Monday, and just got measured today! I am so in love with mine! It reminds me of princess Jasmine! All of the saris are so pretty! We will all look so pretty. The boys purchased their punjabis yesterday. Dad, we have a uniform about the same color as your punjabi. Eli, I miss you, even though you probably don't miss me, which is okay. Angelo, I hope your schooling is good, and you are having fun with your job. Love you all, Happy Thanksgiving, and have good lives. Continue being good humans. See you on December 3rd. Come to my choir concert on the 5th! I probably wont sing good, or have anything memorized, but come see me after I return! Loves sent! <3

       ~Sophie Neff