Jono Blog 2: Still Doing it For the Kids - Jono Ebert

Happy Thanksgiving from YMAD in India! Im sad i’m missing out on mom’s great cooking but can’t wait to have curry and rice just like every night haha! The food is great though and the cooks do a great job. This week so far has been great with little bumps in the road. I love teaching the kids and being part of this great program. Im looking forward to what awaits but can’t imagine leaving my kids at the school. Dharmsala is something I am really excited for but Delhi makes me sort of nervous because of the poverty and quality of living. Still excited though and can’t wait for the rest of this trip.

    This week there was a really funny experience. We were all getting ready for bed and we heard a loud scream from all the girls. Kennedy came running down holding this white lizard everyone gathered around. The lizard got scared and lost its tail which I actually have never seen before. Anyway I told Adam Neff to eat it because we are in India and it would be a good story. I told him that each boy will give him 200 rupees if he eats it. Didn’t think he would but ends up eating that little white lizards tail. So all in all, each boy owes Adam $2.64 haha. Yesterday I got a little sick but thanks to our great medic, she hooked me up with some great pills (Excetrin, and Tylenol PM) which cleared me up real quick. 

    My classes have been great so far with a lot of adjustment depending on which group I am with. I love the fourth and fifth graders the most and have my favorites in each class. In fourth grade there is this boy named Kartik who has these big ears and a huge smile. He is so funny and loves playing with me. There is this girl also named Bootimah (unsure on spelling) who is this shy really cute girl. She loves to be held and swung around. In fifth grade there is this one boy named Vishal who leads the whole school. Every kid respects him and he helps us keep kids in line. His english is also very good and I can see him going far in life haha! I love all these kids but am exhausted every day. My favorite kid though is not in either of these classes, he is one of the youngest. Arun, who I wrote in my first blog was very quiet the first day but that changed very quick haha. Arun is super hard to keep in one room but I still love that little boy. Not looking forward to saying goodbye to all of them.

    Anyway I am doing great here and love India. Kate Thomas is in the room rn and asked for a shoutout. All the kids think that we are married because I wrote my name in henna on her wrist haha. Can’t wait to get home though and be in a first world country. It’s crazy how blessed we are in America. When I get home I want my first meal back to be In n Out. Im going to take a real shower also. Not one out of a bucket. I can’t wait to eat food other than curry and rice. Internet will be nice. Warmth will be cool. Can’t wait to not see spiders bigger than my hand. Excited for sleep. Love YMAD. See everyone soon!