Hello to my technologically challenged mother and others- Jane Coates

Well I’m not dead..yet. Just kidding but really some of those flights were a bit bumpy and I definitely screamed. Some fun facts about our flights. 

  • One flight I had a singing woman behind me singing off-tune K-POP REALLY REALLY LOUDLY and then a crying baby behind her. wahoo. 
  • I adore first class and honestly thought we were getting those seats until pushed to the very back of the plane for my 14 hour flight next to some stranger. 
  • It was okay until I started bawling from a movie and pretended to go the bathroom to brush my teeth instead of sobbing on the toilet seat. 
  • I went on adventures all over the airport and turns out a terminal is the least exciting place on earth. 


Okay to get a little taste of what on earth your kids are doing here are some weird thoughts on each of them by yours truly:

Mariana - went to the terminal with her luggage still sitting in security. not once but three times. 

Hannah - Late at night hannah claimed the first shower of india. Next we heard screaming form the bathroom. The words “IT”S SO COLD & FDGHLI;GDAFHJKLDSFGBJKH” were a nice precaution for the rest of us. 

Brie : The Singapore dudes at security made Brie chug the entirety of her full water bottle in front of them. She made out alive also, she LOVES burger king.

Miranda - “SHUT UP”  The last straw at 6 PM on the most tiring day of our lives. Don’t worry we all laughed so hard that we woke the sick neighbor. 

Lissa -  asked if we can wear jeans under our saress.

elliot: “dope” 


“it’s important to have three perspectives in life: there’s a 1D a 2D and a 3D. For instance something can be dope, good, and high energy”

When asked if he has friends and if they are like him he replies “I only have smart friends, oh and Issac.”

Sabrina - the most selfied girl of all of us. Indian guys LOVE her which is hilarious. 

Grace - so this one’s long. Me Hannah and Miranda went to get a drink at the Singapore airport and couldn't figure out how to use the weird drinking fountains when out of the blue a little asian woman popped out, told us how to use it, the disappeared without a trace. We were super weirded out so we had Grace and Mar go check to see if it would happen again. Grace went up and pretended to not know how to drink then all of the sudden the same asain woman fled over, corrected them, and then melted into the crowd. The spirit of the drinking fountain’s existence has been confirmed. 

Sam - “I love this indian music” translator: “oh this is only an ad jingle not a real song” Sam: “still digging it”

Joe - Joe teased about kissing the bunnies to Dr. Steve and he was almost killed on the spot. Joe also is the “crush of the main day boarding school” all the girls LOVE him

Isaac - What a guy.  He is the heaviest sleeper and when Sabrina finally (after about 12 taps on the shoulder) woke him to get out of the aisle he didn’t comprehend a thing she said and sat in his seat dazed for a good minute and FINALLY said oh okay and got up.

Ben - idk how to describe ben but hilarious. 

Nathan - all I have to say is that he took one for the team and roomed with Adler. what a hero. he honestly is a sweetheart and has done nothing to shame himself like all of us. 

Adler - oh boy where do I start. Every morning Adler gets up with his weird hair all straight up and we all wonder what on earth he is doing. Yet the indian girls absolutely adore it, I may never understand the appeal to that hair. ;)

Connor - while jamming out the indian pop music ( that I personally have yet to listen to) he gets out of the car and states “ I have found a newfound love of indian pop music” 

Sidenote:  look up some of the top charts on indian pop and think of me lol

Talamage - he sits every morning on the top of the building in funny deep meditation and for some reason I have so much respect for it. He also caught a mosquito in his journal while writing about it and if that’s not the trippiest thing in the world idk what is. 

Ashlyn - I have never met someone more excited about India in my life. It’s honestly the coolest thing ever. Also when all the girls are screaming, her sign language surprisingly is really useful to use over all the little heads and voices. 

Sophie -  refused to smile in any picture. I don’t think my insta will be as fire now with those pictures. 

Micaela - all the children call her mikey or mike or the best one: Michael Jackson cause they have no idea how to pronounce her name. 


jane: i might have pet a goat sorry mom. it takes all the strength I have not to pet the dogs. youknow that I was totally the last to pick my sari fabric. I mightbe the favorite of the girls just saying a squad of ten of them follow me everywhere yikes. well I’m alive. well and absolutely love love love india. My heart hurts with the thought of leaving these people. much love. stay gold. say hi to the cat for me, take a nap, hot shower and eat chocolate please.