Yes, I’m alive and well. Mom I miss you very much. I miss the rest of you too but mom most, sorry. India is crazy fun. It’s one hundred times better than I expected. It’s going to be so hard to come back home, not going to lie. Today was a wonderful day. Just to give you a brief summary, in the mornings we teach in a village school and in the afternoon we teach at a day boarding school. We played our village kids in a soccer game today. I was no good at it but it was still loads of fun. We taught the village kids how to play ultimate frisbee. I was sweating buckets after that, it was super gross but worth it. After the village, we went to the day boarding school. There are two little girls there that never let go of my arms. When they hug me, I can’t breath. It might cause a death by love :) We taught our lessons and after class, we had a huge dance party with all our girls. They are AMAZING at dancing, I don’t even understand. And as you all know, I can’t dance to save my life hahaha but I’m willing to look dumb for a good time with these girls. Oh side note- happy thanksgiving!! I’m sad I’m missing mom’s turkey and potatoes but being here has made me realize all I have to be grateful for.When I get back maybe we can have a family mock thanksgiving dinner. We go visit families in their homes in the villages. Going to these homes has really humbled me. They offer us food every time we visit. And it’s sad to think we might be taking the only food they have from their tables. I’m having the best time! Please don’t worry about me, I haven't gotten sick mom and I’m being careful! Analucia, I miss you and Lola. oh yeah and andres too, almost forgot bout him…haha just kidding. xoxox miss you see you soon, no worries :)