Grateful: Rachael Thorpe

Happy Thanksgiving all! This is definitely a Thanksgiving like no other. I hurts a little to think about all the pie, stuffing, funeral potatoes and cinnamon rolls I’m missing, so make sure to save some for me. Also, please get excited in my honor when you see the Pillsbury Doughboy in the parade. 


Although this Thanksgiving is shaping up to be very Indian, there are still some things that are the same despite the curry and rice that will replace turkey and cranberries. In some ways, this is the most authentic Thanksgiving I’ve ever had because I have so much to be grateful for. I’m so happy just to be alive, and to be able to meet such wonderful friends here. I’m also feeling extra grateful for the full refrigerator and warm bed at home. I was thinking about James earlier today and was instantly grateful for “the roof over my head.” I’ve often taken those things for granted, but they are luxuries that many people here don’t enjoy. 


Above all, I’m so grateful for my family and friends back home. I don’t think I’ve ever loved or appreciated you as much as I do right now. I miss you all! Please have the best Thanksgiving, and tell Anne Marie and Balinda I say hello. I wish I could be there, but there is so much adventuring yet to be done!


XOXO Rachael