Curry, Foohl, Sweat, and Oreos

Hello fellow family and friends! West Bengal has been treating us well. I am loving the food! Curry and fried breads everyday. Today has been the best day, but I keep saying that about everyday. Nothing can quite explain the feeling of sitting in the back of the Tatas (cars), with horns blaring, while we head to the village schools and receive the most exciting welcome from the children. The moment we step out, we are showered with flowers and smiles. I have girls running up to grab my hands and lace flowers through my braids, and the amount of happiness that fills my heart is phenomenal! While we visited homes, I learned some Bengali from the kids. My favorite word is “foohl” for flowers! After the village tour, we had our huge football (soccer) match that everyone had been waiting for. The boys we were playing had no mercy and were ready to beat the Americans. The humidity and heat did not help the fact that we were already sweating buckets… in our dresses and uniforms. We were able to teach them some ultimate frisbee as well. Don’t worry parents, we are staying hydrated… Just when we thought our energy was drained from playing, we would arrive to the Main Day Boarding School, yet simply seeing the girls makes us forget any bit of tiredness we might have had. Lessons are a blast, but the dance parties to Indian pop music are hard to top. Man, those girls can dance! I will probably be listening to Indian music for the next few months. We all love our group of girls and are trying really hard to pronounce their names, even if we have to ask each one 8 times a day. With their Indian accents, they make all of our American names sound gorgeous. Sabrina is often pronounced “Soo-pree-nuh”, but I don’t mind one bit. We just finished a “mini-thanksgiving” with the teens eating turkey jerky and oreos, and I am so grateful for my family and friends that love me and support me in everything. I miss you guys so much! Hopefully Paulina and Katrina aren’t having too much fun without me, “lobe” you guys! As well as Lyndsee and David! I hope Madre and Marcelo are having a blast, and that the Mexi-Chinos are well—plus grandpa, and that Daddy and Jennifer are great! Eat lotsa of food for me. “Tata” for now… I will see you all soon!

Lots of love! -Sabrina