An Extraordinary Day of Thanks: Matt Gessel

An Extraordinary Day of Thanks

Gratitude is for many things: family, relationships, experiences, possessions. On this Thanksgiving, I have an incredible level of gratitude. Despite not being surrounded by the American tradition, I am immersed in the real spirit of the holiday. Today, I am grateful for my family. For the infinite support and endless love they have given me (and for James, who’s birthday I should acknowledge. Happy birthday James!). I am grateful for my friends who are with me on this adventure. I am grateful for a humbling chance to make the world a better place. And I am grateful for what has happened today.

Today was perfect. As we traveled to our school, the Green Team listened to our song: “Neon Lights” by Natasha Bedingfield. The song set the mood for a day that was positive, loving, successful, and beautiful. And a little boy named Lalit showed this.

Lalit is one of the smallest at our school. He is pure joy, energy, and happiness. His laugh is dangerously infectious, and can turn an entire lesson into an effort to contain a rambunctious group of five crazy boys. For a time, Lalit has been difficult. Anyone from the Green Team can attest to his fighting skills and short attention span. But more importantly, he is good. Simply good. Unknowingly, he shows the best qualities of the world. Innocence, joy, eagerness, courage, love. In this regard, he is a better teacher than I could ever hope to be.

On this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for Lalit. And for much, much more.