7 Things I've Learned.... To Live Without- Ashlyn Pierce

 7 Things I’ve learned…

… to live without

1) My pillow at night, mainly because I forgot to pack it

2) Hot Showers

3) Eight or more hours of sleep every night

4) Social Media

5) The ability to flush toilet paper

6) The T.V. shows I'm addicted to

7) Fast Food


….I can’t live without

1) Avijits cooking, mainly the scones and curry

2) The sound of bus, car, and bike horns

3) The morning car rides to the Umarpota

4) Concrete floors covered in white paint

5) Stories that we share at Breakfast

6) The joy I see in the kids eyes every day

7) The smiles of the Mayday Boarding School Girls


    India is too amazing to describe in 15 minutes, but I’m in love with every single moment of it. I wouldn’t trade this for 1,000 life times.


-Love, Ashlyn