Wouldn’t Want to be Anywhere Else: Emery Pierce

Wouldn’t Want to be Anywhere Else

Wow India has been such an experience. There has been so many highs and so many lows. Lows include no heat, bucket showers/broken showers, super noisy all the time, and incredibly tiny roads with way too many cars/buses/motorcycles trying to get through all at the same time (but it all magically works with out a single scratch). But the highs make the lows so much more bearable. The highest is definitely the kids! I’m sure everyone has said this already but wow there is nothing cuter on this entire planet! They are so amazing and energetic and happy and wild and did I mention adorable? Being with them boosts my self-esteem through the roof. They just love everything I do. They are clinging on to me all time, fighting each other to hold my hand when walking to class or lunch or to sit on my lap at story time. Even when I’m just walking by, they get the biggest smiles on their faces and yell “Hi Emery!” in their darling little voices and accents. I can’t say they are all my favorite all the time however. Sometimes they are little devils and so naughty and crazy! But I still love all of them so so much. The YMAD girls have just as much room in my heart! They are the sweetest, most thoughtful 9-12 year olds I’ve ever met. They love being silly and singing and having dance parties and doing henna with us. 

            I’ve made so many little Indian friends here but also have gotten so close with my group! Everyone is so different and brings something special to the team. I can’t imagine being here with anyone else. I love everyone but especially my Green Team. Me, Izzy, Caroline, Jonah, Matt and Adam and Amy. Given that we have to be with each other 24/7, it’s been so much fun getting to see all sides of each other, good and bad. Us girls are seriously are BFFs and I’ll be so sad coming home because we won’t get to have sleepovers every night and chat about boys, pooping and food.

            I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss my amazing family, cute friends and dance co, and warm house all at home but it has been such and indescribable 6 days I would never have wanted to be anywhere else. The breathtaking views, the millions of busy people, and even the food has been great! I have made so many unforgettable memories and cannot wait to tell you about all the ones to come!