When in India…:Isaac (lily) Thorell

When in India…

            Isaac (lily) Thorell


            To whom it may concern, the sights and smells of India never change even when you are four days into the expedition. They are indescribable because they vary so much, from beauty that can only be experienced by seeing it to struggles never thought of. That doesn’t change the fact that the people here are so loving, from our translator (Isha) and driver (Rinco) to the children at our schools. India’s people never cease to leave me in awe with their kindness.

            The food here has been lovely for me (I cant speak for everyone else) it is mainly due to the fact that at home my diet anyways consists of rice, bread, and other carbs. The meals cooked by Lokesh have been awesome he adds so much spice to simple things such as beans, chicken, and even French toast he makes like a master. It continues to amaze me how much the food here is so different from American cultural food. Although they may be different in style, spice, ingredients, and color it all goes in and comes out just the same.

Muskan, Jshika, Poorav, and Mohit, along with the other children at Kuther (our school) are able to show a love for me only rivaled by that of my parents. I have developed a love for them back just the same if not more. One thing led to another after the first day, and just being able to hold my arms open wide and have the children run into them without hesitation, to now not even needing my arms out before I am swarmed a so many little balls of joy, happiness and hope. There have been countless experiences that have impacted my life one being: a boy was dangling off of my arm and his grip slipped and he fell pretty hard (this was a little second grader with a hat) I got him up brushed him off but he wouldn’t pay any heed to me. The next day he came running up to me as excited as ever to see me, the hope and forgiveness displayed by him will forever remain in my heart. The kids here have finally gotten my name down and say it “I-Zeek” as I walk into some classes it is amazing, they are chanting my name “ Isaac, Isaac, Isaac” then they all hurry and sit down in the little desks that they have and we begin the lesson. It makes me grateful to know that they look up to me so much, and I’m glad that I’m able to have such an impact on their lives.


P.s. No shave November has been a lovely time so far.