Third Day's A Charm - Kennedy McDonald


    Hi everyone! Everything is amazing over here in India! I honestly have never been happier in my whole life than I am right now. I haven’t gotten sick yet (knock on wood) other than losing my voice yesterday from playing/singing with the kids, which made teaching a little harder today but it still went well! Raj seriously is magic and made three tiny cute lemons appear out of no where to help my throat. He’s the best! The food is better than I expected. We have a hot shower and a flushing toilet! Emery (my roommate) and I have yet to find any creatures in our room other than a few small beetles and a lizard so life is good!!

    Today was our third day in the schools and the best one yet (notice the title). My lesson was on action words and I had so much fun playing American music and dancing with them. The kids are so comfortable and loving with us. They constantly want hugs and pictures and kisses. Tanisha, Jshika, and Neha follow me everywhere and are always holding my hand, jumping on my back, or wrapping their arms around me. I love it! These 40 kids already have such a big place in my heart, I don’t know how I am going to say goodbye in a few short days. Aside from the kids at the schools, constantly being surrounded by so many amazing people from YMAD makes this experience even better and we are making so many fun memories that would be hard to make if we weren’t “stuck” in india together for 17 days. My group seriously is the best.

    Seeing all these skinny, beat-up dogs has me really missing my dogs, Sammy, Bentley, and Lola. Family, I miss you all and please give the dogs some love for me and feed them extra well tonight. Mom, I’m so grateful for you and especially your decision to pack a bottle of soy sauce for me haha. It’s come in handy many times. Friends, I hope you’re having fun probably at Rite Aid, the tri, or Oly parking lot lol miss you sweaties (no typo). Everyone go eat some carne aside fries (no guac, extra sour cream, of course) from Rancheros for me!! Be extra grateful for all you have tomorrow and every day, you all have NO IDEA how blessed you are!!! Happy early Thanksgiving!!


Love and miss you all!!!