5 Years & I’m Finally In India - Sarah Palmer

I’ve realized there’s a lot to a smile and wave. Because they’re universal. Language barriers don’t exist when you smile and wave at someone, and it’s SO cool to see that! I’ve seen this with the kids and teachers at my school, people from the village, waving to other kids on the street, or random people who stare at you and wave and then blow you a kiss (that actually happened).

    My school is THE BEST. It has the best view, colorful paint on the buildings, and 19 flipping adorable kids. It’s like a 20 minute drive then about a 10 minute walk through giant stacks of sugar cane & cows & colorful houses & village people who balance stuff on their heads and say “Good morning” when you walk past them. And THE KIDS. I’ve only known them for 3 days, but it’s so easy to love them! They come up to you and hug you and smile at you and try to hold on to you as much as they can. Ohhh, so cute. It’s funny when they fight over your hands with each other but then turn and grin at you. If your hand isn’t open and they can’t grab onto your arm, they run around to each person on the team until they can find someone they can hold onto. No words can describe the love I get or give to these kids. It makes my heart just soar. :) I’ve been waiting for this for years. About 5 years to be exact. And the love I’ve gotten has exceeded my expectations! Either I’ll stay here forever or bring them all home with me. Haha!

    One kid in my school is named Rittik. He is a genius. He reads the book in my lesson by himself super fast and says “American money!” when I pull out a penny to explain the concept of “shiny.” I feel like there’s not much I can do to help him because he’s already smarter than I am, haha.

    Rahul, Arnav, Nissand and Chirag are CHARACTERS. The 1st graders are so hard to handle and keep in one spot - today they started doing cartwheels when I was trying to teach them “run” or “jump”. All the kids love to be picked up and spun around and they keep asking you to do it again and again. But I gladly do it each time they ask. :)

    But besides the kids, India has been a wild adventure. The 2nd night at our hotel I was sitting on the ground getting stuff ready for the next day and all of the sudden Kate goes “Holy sh**!” I turn around & just see this huge spider on the wall! Kate and Izzy run out of the room SCREAMING and I just pull out my camera and am just laughing. Nandini and Shelly come in and spray bug spray on it and Kennedy squishes it with the shower squeegee. Welcome to India! And last night some girls were freaking out a little cause there was a lizard. Kennedy caught it and I held it for a while. But then it’s tail fell off and was squirming on the ground and then Jono dared Adam to eat it and he did. So gross. Gotta get that protein I guess. 

    Anyways, crazy adventures here in India but I’m loving every second. (P.S. Mom my camera memory cards are being super dumb but Raj is getting me a new one so that’s good.:) )