Indiaaaaaaaa!!: Kate Thomas

Indiaaaaaaaa!! It is crazy that I am actually here.  It is nothing like I could have imagined.  The air is so hazy and it has the most unique smell.  The driving is insane.  Mom you think I’m a crazy driver but I am a granny compared to these people.  The food is good.  Lots of rice and curry.  I love it but don’t get me wrong I’m happy I brought lots of gushers and twix to snack on.  We have to use bucket showers here.  They are so fun and I think we should start using them at home.  Chamba is the prettiest pace.  We are high in the Himalayas so there are lots of hills.  I love the colorful houses and monkeys in the side of the road. We had the scariest spider experience.  I was in my room talking to Izzy and Sarah when I looked up and saw a spider the size of my face.  I proceeded to scream some choice words and ran to find a brave soul to kill it.  Kennedy got a stick and I watched in total fear on my bed as I was cuddling with Izzy and Olivia.  Luckily Nandini came up and killed it for us, but I have continued to have nightmares about waking up with a spider on my face.


I love schools.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy it because I don’t always connect well with children, but these kiddos bring me so much joy.  Teaching can be hard, but once the kids grasp the concept it makes it all worth it.  I have learned tricks and gotten better along the way. Some of my lessons have been so fun.  We made butterflies out of clothespins and acted out animals.  The kids enjoy climbing all over me and touching my hair. I am terrified of lice but don’t worry mom I am being careful. They love to run around, play ride that pony and call Jono my boyfriend.  I definitely have my favorites and my least favorites.  Vishal, a fifth grader is one of the best boys.  He is so smart and definitely “top dog” at the school.  I also love Manjeet.  He is either hugging me or beating me up.  He really reminds me of Charlie.  The little first grade girls, Nandani, Arushi and Gyia are so cute.  They make me feel so loved and brighten my day.  I am getting nervous for the day I have to say goodbye.


After our days at the school we go to the YMAD house.  It is a place where ten girls live.  They are ages 9-14.  We go and play with them.  My favorite is Rupali.  She is the sassiest one.  I taught her some classic American dance moves.  She is so smiley and happy all the time.  I wasn’t to be more like her.  When we go tot the YMAD house they give us the sickest henna.  They do the best designs and do it so quickly.  WE also hook up my speaker (thanks dad) and have some good old dance parties to “Baby”-Justin Bieber and “Best song Ever”- One Direction.  I am so happy here.  I love being disconnected.  At first I hated it, but it is nice to take a break.  Life is so simple right now and I am nervous to go home and face reality.  I am really craving a quesadilla with mango salsa and I miss having a heated house and I miss going on drives with Emme and Abbs.  I also miss my cute family and my qtpids!! I hope you guys have the happiest Thanksgiving and know that I am more grateful than ever to have the most amazing people in my life.  I love you all!!!! Please don’t forget me. Xoxo-Kate