The Genesis of My Indian Experience: Nate Breinholt

The Genesis of My Indian Experince


To my friends, foes, family, and associates,


            Firstly, I’ll have you know that I’m doing wonderfully in this chaotic and beautiful country. It’s somehow far dirtier, faster, and more vibrant than remembered. It’s so new and so different, as a country as far opposite the US ought to be, yet somehow very familiar, and I’m not speaking strictly about memory. Part of me felt this way upon arrival in Ireland for the first time; a pulsing, nagging, sensation that I’ve been here before. It very well may be the country’s familiar pastel painted walls, or its gregarious citizens. Perhaps I’ll never know, yet still, there’s something about this place that feels inexplicably like home.

            The journey here went essentially as expected; no real rest and plenty of shit food. I watched a record breaking 7 consecutive movies along the way, so at very least there’s that achievement. I distinctly remember arrival in Seoul, and the euphoria surrounding it. I feel, for one reason or another, that my real excitement for this trip hadn’t really peaked until this moment. A similar feeling took hold in Singapore; a deep sense of perplexity regarding the country of arrival, and an intense feeling of looking forward.

            The first real highlight of the trip came for me, like many others, at the first day of school. These children are some of the most extraordinary I’ve ever met, and somewhat amazingly, are very like kids I’ve met everywhere. It’s my belief that children universally share sense of wonder, curiosity, and a flame that never seems to dim. I’ve fallen head over heels in my days with these kids, and can already tell you a goodbye is going to be hard. Overall, like said previously, I’m doing great over here and can’t wait to tell you all more.



Nate Breinholt