Ok let me start off with I am safe and healthy! No need to worry mom. Then let me tell ya to all those who say I am the worst driver ever, you need to come here and just sit in one of these cars for like 2 minutes and you will saying I am the best driver in the universe!!! Now let me tell ya that this is totally worth all the long drives and time and effort to be here and to see these kids!!!!!! They literally will always have my heart! 


Soon for the kids! (insert heart eyed emoji here!) So my school is the best and has the best view ever! I’ll tell ya all about right now ok? OK! So my school is about a 30 minute drive from the hotel and then a 10 minutes walk through this village/farm area! The best walk I will ever take! Then we will walk down these stairs and then there’s the school! so today was the second day of teaching and was we walked down to the school the kids already knew to go up to the roof so we could teach them. We were quite ready yet so we were just talking downstairs for a minute and then I hear all the kids say “My name is STACI!!” really loud and they were trying to get my attention and it just melted my heart! Then there these few girls named Katrina, Karishma, and Kiran that would just not let me go and oh my hacker peckers I love them so much! then there is this boy named Rahul that is THE craziest kid ever but also the smartest kid too! he keeps us all on our toes! He always want to start the games that we do and is always the most fun to watch! I love all of them SOOOOO much! Oh my garsh! And also let me say that from the roof of the school you can see all of Chamba and there is no other view like it! The house all in the mountains are all so colorful that it makes my eyes water just thinking about it! I will NEVER get over India!! 


Ok onto another topic. So the food is delicious but a little too spicy for my taste but overall still soooo yummy! Also both my bags got her and my hotel has both a shower and a toilet! PRAISE! So thats pretty much my blog for ya! I’ll blog again on Friday so that you know! So I love you all so much an i can wait to see you because I love India so much but i’m still excited to come home in a while! Stay safe and know I’m probably having more fun than you! i would say just kidding but lets be honest, I am! Have an awesome Thanksgiving and I love you all! Bye!


Staci Schmidt