Mom….. stay calm: Preston Tangren

Mom….. stay calm.


Oh my gosh I don’t know where to start. To just quickly recap the journey to India, the airplane rides were not all that bad. The Singapore flights were way nice but there was a pretty bad smell when ever the food came out. Getting out of the plane at India was a huge culture shock! I had no idea how polluted it would be. We couldn’t even see the earth from the plain until it was right below us. The most insane thing I have ever experienced was driving in the city. To sum it up would be anything goes. The golden temple was an incredible place and I loved experiencing the culture. The most amazing part for me was seeing a huge aspect of other peoples life that I could never have imagined.


Monday was nice but I accepted that I have a full on sinus infection before this week has even started but I’m dealing with it. Meeting the kids has changed my life, and they are so bright and beautiful and have so much reason to be completely miserable but they are happier than most kids I know. I have made it my main goal here to not just teach these kids but to at least inspire these kids to do something great with their lives.


I have to admit that I have been wearing the same pants ever since I left but its I don’t care all that much have to make 3 pairs of pants last a long time. I had another great day with the kids today and I love being with them regardless of how dirty they are. The food here is really good but it’s all basically the same thing, Spicy assorted vegetable curry. We even have that for breakfast sometimes. But my bowl movements aren’t to strange and they are happening so I’m not complaining yet. I am loving it here and I can’t wait to have more amazing experiences.