Lissa Eager

There is so much that I want to say. Except, I don’t want to write a novel for all of you… So I’ll try to keep it shorter. 

    I survived the planes! They didn’t tear in half and send us all to our graves! Granted, I did have some heart attacks here and there but. I lived. Hong Kong was not as colorful and exciting as I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be like Tokyo, but I was wrong. It was cool to see the airport part of Hong Kong though! Next we went to Singapore. Which was awesome! I saw a big kitty cat spitting water into the river ocean thing! And I saw a building that was made of Hexagons like the Odyssey! (For my Space Center buddies). There was so much green life! I got to see and hold Butterflies in a Butterfly garden, I saw so much new culture and stuff! It was awesome sauce. After Singapore we arrived in um Kolkata. I think is how you spell it. 

    This is where all the ajsdhflkasjdhflakjdshfas happens. 


    We arrived. 


    Oh boy was it intense and awesome and terribly heart breaking all at the same time. I’ve seen old torn up towns, sketchy towns and the such, but never did I see something like this. Peoples home being a towel laid out on the ground on the side of the road, a blanket tied up to a collapsed building, a makeshift shack of metal plates, cardboard, and tree sticks. It’s heartbreaking. 

    The air here is kinda… really… gross. There is never a smell I am happy with. So I like to wear a lot of anything like Sand Sanitizer, Bug spray, Lotion, anything so that I can smell my hands when things are not smelling good. I’m not judging them, this is their life. They can’t exactly keep the air clean and stuff. 

    Oh. My. Goodness. More and more to tell you all keeps coming to my mind. The traffic here is so cool man! Everyone here is like intense pro driver! There’s no speed limit, the Tata’s speedometer doesn’t even work, no seat belts. It’s. Wonderful. People just walk in the streets, bicycles ride too. There’s a lot of motorcycles. Gasp! The cars here, they decorate them. One of them had flowers all over it, others have drawings, others have these weird fuzzy plastic looking decoration things. Back to traffic. They just go as fast as they want and are comfortable with, (they are careful however) and if a car is coming, they honk to let them know they are there (there is never ending honking in the distance) and then pass them. On a tiny road. Cars and people and cows and trees and vehicles get so close you could lean out the window just a bit and kiss them! Now, I’m not gonna go kissing anyone, just trying to show you how close you get to people. You most definitely can’t stick your arm out the window to feel the air here, or else it’s gonna get hit and break and sad stuff. 

    You can’t see the stars… so much air pollution and light pollution. Makes me sad :( 

    My favorite moment yet. I almost cried. I had to hold back tears. 

    As we first walked into the school for the village kids, they all stood up and cheered and were in a state of euphoria with how happy they were to see us. I would wave to some kids and they just couldn’t handle their excitement and would charge and me hugging me and just full of unconditional love. They give you kisses on the cheeks, they want to get pictures with you, they want to hold onto you and never let go. It’s hard to walk sometimes, because so many kids are hugging you. Okay. Back on topic. As I walked in and they all cheered, there was so much love in the atmosphere. These kids haven’t seen me for more than 10 seconds and yet, I made their week. Their month. Everyone when we walked in was holding back tears with how much love was in the air. I love this. 

    I am going to stop writing a novel now. I have much more to tell when I get home. 

    Love you family! Miss you all.