I Have Never Been Happier - Izzy Lund

It was unreal. The feeling i got when we pulled up to our school. I have never been happier. These kids are incredible. I am so in love with each and every one of them. But I’ll just tell you about a few of my favorites, lol. First, Priyanka. She is so sweet. So beautiful. So loving So kind. She has this vibe, I can’t really explain it but she makes me feel so grateful for everything. Next, Lalit. Oh he makes me so happy. He is a troublemaker most of the time, but he still has my heart. Finally, Kannu, She is so dang cute! No matter if she is in my group at the time or not, she always waves and smiles at me. She sits on my lap during story time at the end of the day. It seems so dumb but it honestly makes me feel so much joy. There is no better feeling than being wanted, and that’s how these kids make me feel. (p.s. they LOVE taking selfies)


After school today we went to the YMAD girls house for the second time. We spent the day singing, laughing, dancing, and doing henna. They are so good. They don’t even have to think about what they are doing, it just comes to them. These girls are so talented. I had henna on both my hands and arms in literally 30 minutes. I love these girls. They are all so different. So remarkable in so many ways. After they did henna they wanted to sing for us. (I have a video I’ll show you all when I get home) It was in Hindi so I couldn’t understand it but it was so beautiful and filled the room with love. After that, we had a dance party!! We jammed out to One Direction, Justin Bieber, all of the classics. It was so fun. This experience is so fun.


Not gonna lie, I was scared to come here. But the minute i saw those kids faces all of that fear and anxiety left my body. Meeting them for the first time really puts things into perspective. All of the hard work that we have been doing, all of the meetings, everything. It is all validated and it feels so good. This experience is truly amazing. I am so grateful for this opportunity and i can’t even begin to imagine how much better it will get. Ahh this is the happiest I have been in a long time. 


(p.s. I miss & love all of you reading this.)


xox izzy.