India-Day 1: Hannah Seastrand

We’ve only been in India a day and I’m already completely in love with it. After three days of loooooooooong plane rides, we finally made it and I was shocked but also in awe with everything I saw. My first impressions when I stepped out of the airport were 1. It was so polluted I felt like I could barely breath and 2. there is absolutely no form of traffic laws. Truly. I think they're technically supposed to drive on the left side of the road but really it is just drive wherever you can squeeze your tiny car through. And everyone honks constantly. I just heard like 15 honks as I’m typing this right now. Yield to on coming traffic doesn't exist. But on to the more important stuff. Today we began teaching. We taught in the village schools in the morning, visited some homes in the afternoon, and then taught at the boarding school. As I walked into the room at the village school the children cheered and rushed to touch and to talk to us. These children are so amazing. They absolutely adore you within minutes. When we finished the lessons, they kissed my cheeks over and over and wouldn’t let go of my hand. I learned some pretty nifty new hand shakes from them too. We bought sarees tonight and as we walked back to the place where staying, a little boy came up to us begging for money and it makes me so sad there was nothing I could do. The children in this country break my heartand I wish I could do so much more. I am so excited for the days to come and hope I can make a difference even if it’s just the in the smallest way.