Himalayan Fever: Jonah Fiegleson

Himalayan Fever


Gosh dang it I love this place so much! It’s really taken living in the moment to a whole other level for me. Everywhere I look I can see the hills of the Himalayas (I say hills, but just know they’re gigantic,) which are breathtaking. The trees are green and the dirt is this dull red color, making a combination that looks just like the Indian Flag. So amazing. Today for breakfast I had oatmeal, this tortilla (it was surprisingly good, tasted like the ones at Café Rio,) and a cup of hot chocolate. I’m also in love with the food here, but that’s a whole different story (I’d take up way too much room raving about the authenticity and such.) I think it will suffice to say that we have a personal chef who cooks us curry for dinner every night.

            Then, we packed up and headed off to the school, which is nestled up in the highest part of Chamba, and you have to drive up these beyond-skinny roads, but the view is totally worth it. Today was my first day of teaching, and it was a lot harder than I was expecting, but also so fulfilling and worth it, because I love these kids sooo much! Today I taught about insects, and the kids were super crazy, because we decorated popsicle-stick dragonflies and they were pretty razzed (word cred Isaac Thorell.) Basically the last twenty minutes of my lesson was a war zone. Glitter glue was squirted, googly-eyes were wrenched from their owners, sticks were snapped, but I don’t think I would trade one second of it for the world. I get this chance to point Kannu, Lalit, Jeevan, Radhika, Payal, Rohit, all of these little guys in the right direction and it feels so good, better then most things that I’ve felt.

            After school we went to the YMAD House of Learning and I got some sick Henna from the girls (Neha and Priya to be specific,) and then we had a dance party to Justin Bieber (that’s all that Kate and Caroline will listen to haha.) Then I went back to the hotel and got ready for tomorrow. It’s been a great day, we’re going to eat curry and have a bonfire later, here in the best place on Earth. Kaysville, I love you so much, but the way I feel here s going to make it really hard to leave. (Side note: I have a super greasy ‘stache growing, thanks Pops, Preston didn’t even recognize me this morning. Also, my good friend Adam Neff just ate a lizard tail… Like I said, crazy times.)