Everything about India is Wild: Maryjane Cox

Hi everyone, I hope all is well in Holladay.  I’m just here in India having the adventure of a lifetime.  Getting here took what seemed like a month and I lost all sense of time.  The whole time I just couldn’t believe I was going to India already, I don’t think it hit me until I had been in India for a couple days. 

            Everything about India is wild.  There are no traffic laws whatsoever so every time we drive I just have to wonder how no one dies.  Everywhere you go it smells like smoke, trash, and Indian food all mixed together, it’s so foreign.  I don’t think I could describe it.

            Monday was the first day at our school.  Walking up and seeing all the kids for the first time reciting their morning prayers was the coolest thing, I almost cried I was so excited.  All these kids have hearts of gold though some are kind of wild and the first graders are nearly impossible to teach they all just love you so much no matter what.  I actually have enjoyed teaching and have adapted much better to it than I thought I would.  I have been able to go in and depending on the age group I can change up my activities on the spot, I really love it.  Especially in the classes where they give you their full undivided attention and just listen to your every word.  I’ve also loved that at the end of the day they all swarm around you giving you hugs and saying “I love you”.  I can already tell that leaving these kids is going to be a problem because I love them so much already.

            Mom if you could send my blogs to Ben I would love that.  AnneMarie I haven’t done what you asked me to yet but I promise I will and I’ll keep you posted.  And lastly, shout out to all my friends, I doubt you are reading this but if you are I love you.

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