Chamba (so far): Hank Thompson

Chamba (so far): Hank Thompson



Hey everyone! Everything is going well here. It is definitely a lot to take in. The driving here is super sketchy as there are no traffic laws. (makes me thankful for them actually) and everyone honks all the time for who knows what reason. It’s so beautiful though. (Hey Kate) The mountains are amazing and the city is built in such a cool way. They can build on any slope it seems like.


The kids at my school are really cute. They are so smart and they always want to be hugging you. One named Mohit is super small and always hugs my legs and won’t let go. Today at one point, I was carrying pretty much all of the boys somehow. They were all climbing on me. I can tell it’ll be hard to say goodbye to them. 


My body is still really confused with sleeping and eating schedules but I’ll adjust soon enough. I’ve tried all of the food here so far and I have been pleasantly surprised. But there definitely have been times when I have been really thankful for instant oatmeal. (So far though, Ryan hasn’t been right, I’m going to try to keep it that way.)

Being here has opened my eyes already and has made me thankful for the smallest things in my life. Everything is going well once again. I miss you all and I’ll talk to you again in a few days.