Kimberlee Rawlings: Chammmba

    Chamba, India is a whole different world. Stray dogs roam the streets searching for garbage to eat, and monkeys walk across the telephone wires. The drivers could care less if you are a tiny rock in the road, or a human being, if you are in their way you better move or they will run you over. 

    Traveling was really long, and by the time we actually got to Chamba, it felt like it had already been two weeks. I slept most of the long flights, but when it came to the eight hour car ride I was awake the entire time while everyone else slept. This was unfortunate because I was the only one awake to see our driver nearly hit an indian man crossing the freeway, barely dodge a cute dog, and come two inches from driving us off a cliff a trillion feet high in the Himalayan mountains. 

    Today was our first day in our village schools. If you are ever searching for a place that can make you feel like a million bucks, the schools in Chamba, India are the place for you. I couldn’t care less if I get head lice from these kids because I just love them that much. They are the most grateful and loving children I have ever met. 

    There are nineteen kids in my school. When we first got to the school, they were so wide-eyed and confused. The translator told us they were “blushing” but I kinda just thought they hated us. Haha that changed within the first five minutes. When we were leaving the school, I think every single one of us in my group received not only one hug, but two hugs from each of the little kids. I could never hear their cute voices yell, “KIMEE!!!” enough! It’s the best thing I have ever heard. I never really understood it when people would tell me that I was going to fall in love with the kids, and remember them forever. But now that I have had the opportunity to be with them and teach them, I don’t know how i could ever not love them or forget about them. 

    I miss you family and miss you Terryn, so much. Everyone that I show my photo album to talks about how beautiful my family is, and how handsome Terryn is. I sure can’t deny either of those things. Hahaha. I miss you guys so much, and am thinking about you all always. I love you guys and can’t wait to see you soon. Xoxox

    Sincerely, Kimberlee Kaye