"It's All For The Kids" By Jono Ebert

Mom and Dad, what’s up? It’s been amazing so far and India has been crazy. Traveling here took a while but was of course all worth it. Everyone got all their bags which is very nice. Now being here I realize how hard Emilie had it by not having her bags the whole trip. Everything has been running smoothly but if I did this trip differently I would have brought more food and less clothes. The food here is great so far but I realized I may have wanted some more granola bars. All meals have been dank here and I am glad we have good cooks. The rooms here are cold and pretty beat up but Hank, Preston and I manage by spooning each night in our bed. I’m nervous of bugs here especially the hand-sized spiders and scorpions that Tricia has found haha.

            Today was the first day that we met the kids we will be teaching. I love all of them but some are harder then others. My favorite kid is this shy first grader named Aru and I attached a photo of him for my blog. He doesn’t really say anything but loves being picked up and tossed in the air. All the kids are so happy and it’s crazy to see the joy that they get out of the little things. At first I was nervous about teaching but soon that was over when I realized how sweet they were.

            Another fear that I had was sickness and so far that is not a reality. Only one person has really gotten sick and I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have his experience.  Today we also got our pantsuits. I got a maroon top with the white bottoms.  I am looking for a turban still and maybe some sick Indian shoes. Necklaces are also another gift I’m searching for to add onto Watson and Emilie’s necklaces around my neck. I love India so much but also can’t wait to see you guys in two weeks. I’m doing well, love everyone!