Green Team = Dream Team - Amy Knudson

There are no words to remotely describe  the feelings of beauty, peace & love that was felt today at the Koh School. 

After a 25 min. drive in our SUV…through the narrow steep winding roads… a few mountain goats, wild moneys and cows later, we arrived with our translator Nikita Gupta at The Kohl School. The school kids were so happy and excited as your amazing kids pulled up to the school.  33 Gigantic Himalayan Smiles:)

It was a spiritual day for me.  A time of reflection, pondering and realizing the importance of keeping life simple and unplugged:))

 It was amazing watching the Green Team (Dream Team) do their thing today. My village team always on their A game. Jonah volunteered to be our team lead.. yes he did it with confidence, kindness and dedication. As I rotated the school yard, I saw Emery in her joyful, hard working way totally engaged with the 4 busy busy busy 7 year old boys:))) Way to go Emery!!!  Izzy was her adorable, smiling, sparky fun self and had the kids wrapped around her finger. Adam with his passion, hard work and integrity had the kids in tow playing red light green light:) Matthew G. on the ground with his group playing potato head trying to teach the kids about body parts. Matthew is one of those awesome guys that you want to listen to what he says, because it’s filled with humor and has great ideas….  And finally we have our sweet Caroline that shared her sweet “18th” birthday with us here in Chamba. Caroline is a shiny star that includes all.  What a day!!!  Everyone completely spent and off to bed now:)

To my own Family… Happy Thanksgiving…Thanks for giving me purpose, happiness, memories and love.  I love you to India and back 20 times:)!!  

We are all in a good place here.  Lots of peace and good karma:)

I love you all.  Thanks for sharing your amazing kids with us

Amy Knudson