First Day Of Teaching: Thomas Justice

Thomas Justice: The First Day Of Teaching


            We loaded up in our SUV. We were squished, uncomfortable, and very nervous. I had no expectations of what the school would be like or if the kids would be easy to teacher not. We zoomed up and up into the mountains, with some sections of road being about 6-7 feet wide. We crossed bridges, passed buses, and nearly hit some pedestrians all while following the “traffic laws” of India!

            We arrived at the top of the path that lead down to our school, surrounded by massive piles of hay. The path was narrow, with many sharp bends and gaps. Many cows and donkeys blocked our path but we finally made it to the school. It sat perched up on a mountainside overlooking the village of Chamba. The beauty of of the school and its surroundings were absolutely stunning.

            As I began to get to know the kids and started to teach my lesson, my expectations were shattered. All of the kids were immediately so loving and friendly and my nerves vanished. So far my experience has been life-changing and I cannot wait to see what the next days will have in store for me.