Best day in India - Olivia Dubell

Hi friends and family, i miss you all so much. Traveling made it seem like i have been gone for a like a month at least but real it’s only been five days. Good thing though i slept for most of the traveling so that was good. For the eight hour car ride I got into the car and fell asleep than ten minutes went by and we were there. My team wonders how I can sleep so much but Izzy a sure them of the story’s of me sleeping sitting up in class. Dad you would be so proud of me, I’m the first one to wake up to the alarm in my room. My roommates are kimberley and rachel, they are so sweet and they share everything I need with me. 


Let me tell you it does not smell like America but you get use to it after awhile or at least i hope I do. The views are honestly unreal, I can’t even explain how beautiful the scenery is. Every time we get into a car it is a new adventure and new sites to see. The sight from the school is amazing because you are literally on top of the mountain. I wish i could describe to you what I see outside my hotel window. As you all were expecting I have only been eating rice so i might look a little slimmer when I come home. Hailey I hope you have been eating grill cheese for me. I was so happy when I unpacked my food from my suitcase and found my favorite snickers. Thank you mom for that, i love you so much. Can’t tell you how much I miss you. Some funny things that have happen so far, is Izzy room had a huge spider on the wall and I went in and just watched them all scream while I was sitting on there bed eating my club crackers. Another funny thing that happen was I was taking my bucket shower and I turned one of the four knobs and brown stuff came out so I guess not really that funny. Don’t worry I dumbed that out. Lesson learned don’t be the first one to use the shower because the last 5 minutes of my shower was warm. 


This is what I have been waiting to blog about…. Today, was our first day teaching in the schools and right as I walked in watching them say there morning prays brought the biggest smile to my face. Honestly, I have never had a better day than today. The smiles were contagious. The kids smiling made me smile. I have never been more happy than I was today. Our school was the biggest school out of all of the teams we had forty children. It was a little crazy at times and the first graders didn’t really listen but they were just the happiest and cutest children. The kids loved my lesson I taught today it was on body parts. There favorite part was the mr. potato head. They thought it was so funny when I put the body parts on a potato. One of my favorite parts was when I had to write there name tags and I would spell them wrong and they would just giggle so hard. This moment in time I am stress free except when Izzy and I were picking out the colors for our pantsuits. Izzy and I spent like an hour in that shop. Today was just a great day. The kids were so cute and a lot smarter than I thought. My favorite child didn’t even go to our school but was the most adorable thing. Also, Jono wanted me to give him a shout out and say he’s the best. I wish i could tell you how much I love the kids at my school. Here’s a couple of picture to show you how much fun I was having. 


I miss you all so much. Don’t worry i am having the time of my life. i love you however is reading this.


xoxo Olivia