100 ish hours later: Caroline Pinnock

Hello parents and friends. We are safe and happy! Traveling was long and tiring but well but well worth the wait. Our first day in India was amazing! We got into our cars and were basically shoved into a while other planet. I thought driving in Costa Rica was bad but compared to this, its nothing. I didn’t want to blink thinking I would miss just one thing. I finally was able to relate to all the previous ymadians when they said words can not express how you feel there. Walking through the streets was crazy. They were the prettiest, dirty streets I’ve ever seen. Everyone was staring and us and trying to take our pictures…. So shout out to all celebrities, we now feel your pain.  We walked through the “purifying” water and down to the temple and my jaw literally dropped. I hope you go search a picture of this because it will probably make your jaw drop too. We walked around there and took so many pictures then ate dinner at a vegetarian McDonalds. After that we took our 6-ish hour drive and made it to our hotel.

            A birthday has never felt so special as mine did on Sunday. After secretly receiving so many notes from friends back home, family, and YMAD people, I felt so lucky. To add on top of all that, Allison and Brooke worked their magic and surprised me with the biggest cake ever. We had it at the YMAD house and loved listening to the nine girls sing for me. I also can’t forget about all the cake that some how ended up on my face courtesy of Ganesha and all the other girls.

            This place is the prettiest place I’ve ever seen. When we drove to our school this morning, I could not stop thinking that this could not be real! I have been taking so many pictures but none do any justice. When we puled up to our school the kids swarmed the car, just staring and waving at us. Acting as the typical girls we are… me, Emery, and Izzy started crying. They had so much excitement in their eyes. Just that moment as enough to pay off for the 10 months of preparation. Teaching was hard but so much fun. Playing with the kids and having 5 girls hanging on to each of my fingers made me the happiest I know I have ever felt in my whole life. When we said good bye to them it made me realize how broken my heart will be when we have o say goodbye for good. Even though I have never been dirtier, smelt grosser smells, or been so tired, India and these kids make me want to live life as best as I can.

            LOVE LOVE you all – Caroline Pinnoc