Here We Come: Sarah Palmer


Operation Ashabadi, are you ready for India? (Have you started packing?;) ) Are you ready to perform our dance and songs at the Parent Meeting? Are you ready to perform it in front of 800 people (not exaggerating) at the Cultural Exchange? 

Parents, get excited! We’ve been practicing our songs and dance for months, so we’re totally ready to perform it in front of you at the Parent Meeting next week. :) 

At this meeting, besides practicing our dance and songs, we checked off our emergency education workshops, met with our village teams and made sure all education supplies were ready to go, and talked about India. Allison and Brooke gave us personal invitations to hide behind them if too many people are staring at us. :)

India is so close! Only a few more short weeks! Our energy is definitely at a 5 (so shoutout to Allison and Brooke for being able to handle so much energy during the meetings), we’re all so excited to go! We’ve only got a couple more meetings/get-togethers before we leave. We were given our personal duffel bags to take to India, and all our fundraising money is in.

With India being so close, I’d like to give a huge thank you to parents who’ve helped us on this adventure so far, and especially a big thank you to our amazing leaders who have put in so much work to make this happen for us, WE LOVE YOU! (& here’s to Ashley, the greatest medic and friend! We all love you so much!)