Fundraising: Sarah Palmer

“When thinking about raising money for my trip I wanted to do something that was meaningful to me. I saw how tired my mom was as I watched her care for my grandparents. I came up with an idea if after school and on the weekends I would get their groceries and make their meals in the evenings and weekends. This project made my relationship closer to my grandparents than before. It never felt like a job to me but a gift of love.This was a fundraising project that I will always remember…since both my grandparents have passed this year recently I am glad this is what I did. It was worth missing outings with friends and activities.” -Olivia Dubell


“I ran sound and played backing guitar in a few of my dad’s smaller concerts. When I could, I gave elevator speeches to those there.” -Nate Breinholt


“When you fundraise you want to do something no one else wants to do that may need to get done. Aerating is one of those things, because of the price it can be set at, I was able to make $1000 in 10 hours.” -Adam Neff


“I did a three day camp for little girls where I taught them a dance and we did crafts and cooking. It was so much fun and it raised the rest of the money I needed.” -Maryjane Cox


“I did a backyard concert fundraiser and it was a huge success! We had about a hundred and fifty people in my backyard. It was a great way to raise money and awareness toward YMAD and to do something that I love!” -Hank Thompson


“I had a massive yard sale in August where I sold tons of clothes and books and cookies and art. I sold some donated furniture that I refurbished too! People bought and contributed a lot because I really advertised YMAD.” -Rachael Thorpe