Learning to Teach

It was an early start, but all the things we learned made it worth it.  We all had the chance to experience what it is like to be taught in a different language by doing an activity in Mandarin Chinese language. Hilary and Jeff (some of the YMAD leaders) helped bring the experience to life with great tips of the do's and the don'ts of teaching.  Use a lot of gestures, don't make it too complicated.  we split off into groups learning about the Constructions, Animals, english and more.  Chandler, Zane and Sarah and Mary game great Ted Talks that inspired us all.  The dance team showed us the amazing dance that they had come up with! And... we finally have our new medic! (sorry fall team) Her name is Ashley Morgan and we are all so excited to get to know her better! don't forget to think about what kind of talent you want to show us at the retreat in January!  See everyone shortly.  Next Meeting is Nov.13