The Green Team

by, Caroline Pinnock

The Green (DREAM) team had an amazing meeting! All of our energy was so strong and focused for India. This was the first meeting separate from the whole groups and it was very different. Not a bad different, kind of a good different mostly because of the ample treats that we only had to split between the seven of us (it was our very own Matt Gessels birthday and we wanted to celebrate). We talked about our power plays, fundraising, education workshops, packing, and just about everything else regarding YMAD. I really believe we have /such a fun group! I’m sure everyone else had a lot of fun with their group but i don’t think there was a minute where one of us wasn’t laughing! It made me so excited for India, and all the car rides we would be having together! All in all it was a great meeting! Thank you Allison for letting us spend this meeting at your house and thank you Amy for being our favorite village team leader!! GO GREEN TEAM!