Retreat #2

By, Caroline Pinnock

The first thing I want to say is how much I love our group. We have such a good time whenever we are together. Being either the last weekend of summer or the first weekend of school, everyone could have been anywhere else but we instead were all together. Allison’s cabin was the lovely destination of this retreat and it was so much fun! We all met up, and with hardly any late arrivals we got on our way up the Ogden Canyon. We got to the cabin and unloaded then went straight to dancing. For some reason our energy might not have been at a 5 but we all got very good at repeating the dance. After a much needed dinner break, (which was so delicious! Thank you food prep!) we got started on our night meetings and activities. These activities included fun games, necessary lessons about subjects that we didn’t wish were necessary, the girls getting fitted for there uniforms (woot woot!), an amazing lesson about compassion given by our favorite Brooke Lange, and a very talented Talent Show.

During the compassion lesson we did an activity where everyone stood in two lines facing each other. Brooke would ask us questions about experiences that we had while we looked at whoever was across from us in the line. At first it was really hard to not start laughing. But once we did it a few times, I think we got the hang of it. Although it was uncomfortable with the silence, it was one of the coolest things I have ever done. We just got to stare at each other and try to guess how everyone was feeling.

The Talent Show completely surpassed any expectation I had made. There were hilarious impersonations (human and animal), magic/card tricks that were frustrating to think about for the rest of the night, tumbling tricks, martial arts lessons, piano solos, contortionism, poems, cowboy singing and dancing, origami, singing, ukulele playing, and even a display of rue creativity and bravery when one of our own ymadians ask another ymadian to the homecoming dance. I was entertained for the full program!

We were all pretty anxious to get to bed since we were so tired and knew that Allison would come calling in no time to get us up. We ate a good breakfast and continued our retreat with more singing and dancing, but this time we all had energy and we nailed it. Allison then announced that we would be getting our village teams, but first we had to untangle ourselves from a human knot. It took a little longer than we expected but we did it. I think it would be safe to say everyone was pretty antsy. The leaders brought out a try of cupcakes with our names on top of them. We each took them and bit in to them to find a paper with a color on it. I was part of the green team! The adults didn’t even know who was going to be in the group so it was very exciting. We met with our groups next and I love mine! It is sad to not be meeting with our prep groups any more but fun to get a chance to get closer to other people.

Lunch was another hit. Regardless of having candy and food around us for the whole retreat, we still managed to eat a lot of lunch. We only had a few more things left for the retreat. We went to get our secret friend presents and handed those out. Fun to see what your person got you but more fun to see your “friends” reaction.

The retreat ended with us packing up, cleaning up, and getting our new shirts. They were so cute so props to our awesome design team! This retreat was the best! We all got more unified and found out things about each other that we didn’t know before. I love our group and honestly could not be more excited for India!

Thank you to everyone who came, brought food, participated, and led this retreat!