“Power of Forgiveness”

Hello! This is a blog about a group of kids preparing for a life changing expedition to Sunder Nagar, India Spring of 2017 through an organization called YMAD (Youth Making A Difference. Throughout the next couple months we will be gathering as a team to learn leadership skills and to prepare ourselves to serve the incredible people of India. Nearly 2 months into our planning adventures and we are having such a blast! We are all required to fund raise a minimum of $3900 towards travel funds, as well as donations for the children of India. Fundraising season is in full swing! Many of us are busy with projects such as selling baking goods or creating a business within the area to raise money. So many awesome, creative ideas! At each of our meetings we turn in the amount of money that we have earned as well as plan and participate in lessons and meetings. This past meeting we had the awesome opportunity of listening to a talk about forgiveness. These lessons are taught on values of how to become a better leader and individual. During our meeting we were also previously assigned to either paraphrase a TED talk or bring a treat. We heard some incredible speeches prepared by Madi Graham, Sarah Remund, Coleton Richmond, and Kallie Green. After we heard these awesome talks we split up into our teams. Each team has different assignments and activities to plan and once we have discussed, we join back together and practice our songs that we have decided to preform while in India. This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime to be able to learn and grow with some truly amazing people. Follow along with us through our journey by checking our blog for monthly blog posts as well as adding us on Facebook and Instagram at :


Thanks for all support