Orange team.

By, Matthew Hansen

Today we were able to meet with our village teams alone for the first time. It was so much fun to get to know people a little better and come closer as a team. We started by going over the power plays from the previous meeting. The last lesson was on compassion. We were all able to share how being more compassionate in our lives for the last month changed something for us.  It was cool to see how many lives could be changed if we were just willing to be kinder to everyone. We went on to putting our lessons on to notebooks to help us get to know them better. After this Naomi made us all amazing food. Even Kate who had already eaten couldn’t turn down Naomi’s impeccable cooking skills. Each team came up with their song for the video that will be made of the trip while we are in India. We went over our life lenses again and committed to implement them into a section of our life more. Orange team cannot wait to get out and teach the children in India.