Bombay House

Matt Gessel

In full view of a Chevron and just a stone’s throw away from America’s famous retail giant, sits the Bombay House. This restaurant, known for it’s excellent Indian cuisine, played host to Operation Ashabadi for a time on the night of Monday, September 19.

The company was good, very good, in fact. But there are those that would say that the food was better. Platters of Indian pastries, chased by innumerable bowls and plates of rice and over four dishes of chicken filled the tables, and soon, our stomachs. Chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and vegetable samosa. Some thought the food too spicy; others not spicy enough. Nonetheless, it was all good. The food was previously unencountered by many of us, and made for a meal of new experiences. But in a short time, we will all be fully immersed in the unique cuisine and smells of India. And while it may be too soon to say, the visit to Bombay House was promising, and there is little doubt that we will all come to crave this food.

The night was capped with a return to franchise America, as those who were able traveled down Parley’s Way to Baskin­Robbins, an esteemed Indian bakery chain (or perhaps an ice cream shop). Energy was high, memories were made, and thanks were given to our wonderful and dedicated leaders, for their energy and selflessness. The variety of ice cream flavors that were ordered are unrivaled, and only to be matched by the sweet variety of experiences that we are sure to have in Chamba. And for that we cannot wait.