15 things I’ve learned so far by John K.

1. It is possible to push start a bus.

2. There is no need for lanes, blinkers, stop lights, or rules while driving.

3. My friends and I were born to drive in India.

4. I have yet to see an accident or female driver.

5. Goat cheese should probably not be used on Dominoes Pizza.

6. Men in turbans on your airplanes, does not mean it will get hijacked.

7. I should have put more things in my backpack, considering I will not get either of my duffle bags for at least 3 days (we have the duffels now).

8. Wearing the same underwear for 5 days is not that bad.


10. Gretta said it was ok to cry.

11. I almost cried when I found out I missed our double overtime state championship game.

12. I love hamburgers and steak.

13. They do have ping-pong in India.

14. Indians are better at ping-pong than you might think.

15. I miss you all, but I am having a blast. India is amazing!