12 to a TaTa- Siera

12 to a TaTa Well to start off, a “TaTa” is what everyone calls the cars that we drive in here. Today on our way to Koch Bukur, my group’s village, we were able to squeeze 12 people and 15 backpacks into our nine person car! Trust me when I say this, I would be just fine never doing that again! We had a blast in our village today, but the Day Boarding School was the highlight of my day. We set up stations where we washed the girls hair, brushed it, then braided their hair. Those girls started to glow after they were all ready and had the biggest smiles on their faces! They were able to keep their own comb and then we gave them all bras that we had bought for them. They would just giggle and run off shyly when we gave them bras but were so excited. I was able to braid probably 30 girls’ hair and you could see the lice crawling in their hair. I’ve never seen so many little critters on one person’s head! I just had to accept the fact that I might have some creatures all over me and would be able to wash it off later. It made the girls’ entire day and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing! We then took pictures of the girls that are annually taken to put on the website in order for people to sponsor them. Nothing makes me happier here than seeing those beautiful girls smile! I’m so sad that I have to say good bye to them tomorrow, but can’t wait to continue on with our journey in India!

Family and Friends I miss you and love you even more!!! XOXO… Siera Stokes