12 Days of India

Dear Friends and Families,

A friend of ours, who travels a lot, told us that for every hour time difference of the place you have been visiting, it takes that many days for your body to recover. Well, there is a 12 and 1/2 hour time difference between India and Salt Lake City. That means that it will take your teen 12 days to get their body and mind back. (I think part of your body particles remain over the ocean before they catch up to the rest of you). I know from lots of travel to India that it is almost 12 days, to the day, before I feel normal. Be paitent with your teen when they are pacing your house at 3:00AM. Or, when the teacher calls and tells you that your child is asleep in their classroom. (Which has happened, by the way) It takes at least 12 days to process the experince they have just had. Be patient, they have been forever changed, however their bodies with get back to normal, eventually.

Thanks for having amazing teens!


JoDee Baird