11 Things we miss back in the States - Jenna and Abigail


  1. Dogs without rabies. There is only one breed of dog here: scary, rabid mutt. However, some are pregnant, some have puppies, they all eat garbage, and they frequently have fights outside Nishtha.
  2. A shower with a closed curtain. The women bathe in the swamps with a bar of soap before our naked eyes.
  3. The ability to flush toilet paper. It’s convenient.
  4. Air that doesn’t burn my lungs. I never knew there could be so many pungent smells at one time.
  5. A floor not made of clay.
  6. Boys that smell good, are clean-shaven, and wear shirts other than Hawaiian ones they found at the DI.
  7. Washing machine and dryer. Pounding your clothes against the side of the sink while soaking it in water and woolite is not ideal. (I’ve heard James is paying someone to pound his clothes against a rock in the river so he doesn’t have to do it himself.)
  8. Sleeping in a bed. A bed has much more padding than a one inch sleeping pad.
  9. Going out into public without Indian men asking “One peetchar (picture)?” We are like freakin celebrities. Heads turn wherever we go.

10. Car insurance. If somebody hits your car your only security isn’t getting out and socking them in the face.

11. Garbage day. I know we came here to make a difference, but it is pretty tempting to throw my trash on the floor when there is landfill everywhere you step.


Despite all the things I miss, India is the most interesting place I’ve ever been. The people are so nice, and even though most of them have NOTHING they are so happy and gracious. The girls at Day Boarding School give so much love. They tickle till it hurts.